Rowan's Law 

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

If you are an athlete under 26 years of age, parent of an athlete under 18, coach, team trainer or official and your sport organization has advised that you need to follow the rules of Rowan’s Law you need to:

  • review any one of  Ontario's official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering  or serving with your sport organization; and
  • review your sport organization’s Concussion Code of Conduct that they will provide to you; and
  • confirm that you have reviewed both of these resources every year with your sport organization(s)

As of result of rowan's law a new waiver called the Concussion Code of

Conduct will be add to the registration process for Outdoor House

league Soccer 2020.  Acceptance of the waiver is required to register for soccer

this year.  Acceptance of the waiver indictates you have read the resources and

processes provided in the waiver and will further review the concusion

resources provided by the Government of Ontario.  Below is a summary of what

you should know about concusions followed by links to important resources.


Summary of What you need to know about concussions provided by the

Ontario Soccer Assocication.


A concussion is a brain injury.
All concussions should be regarded as potentially serious.
Most concussions recover completely with correct management.
Incorrect management of a concussion can lead to further injury.
Concussions should be managed according to current guidelines.
Anyone with suspected concussion following an injury must be immediately removed
from playing or training and receive a prompt assessment by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.
Concussions are managed by licensed health care professionals working within their
scope of practice and expertise.
Concussions are managed by a limited period of rest followed by avoiding physical and
brain activities that make concussive symptoms worse, and once concussion related
symptoms have resolved, a step-wise return to school, work and sports-related
Return to education or work must take priority over return to playing soccer.
Concussion symptoms must have completely resolved and documented medical
clearance completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner must be received before
resuming full contact practice or game play.
The recurrence of concussion symptoms subsequent to the return to full contact
practice or game play requires removal from training or playing and reassessment.
Links to the important resources: